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Synopsis, Back Story & Character Logs


“A Peculiar Story” is a song by Mr Gavin McGinty that tells the short story of boy and the unusual events that follow as he leaves school in search of a job. The animation will be the accompanying video for the song. It incorporates a number of different animation styles inspired by Belleville Rendezvous, Mr. Ben, and the 50’s illustrative style seen in the recent videogames Bio-Shock and Fallout 3. The whole film will be done as though performed on stage with the scenes changing as they would in the theatre. This allows the film to be in just one setting but allowing endless possibilities for changes for each environment. It also gives the different styles I hope to take influence from a chance to meld together by having this common ground.

The main character of our story is a young energetic school lad who likes nothing more than getting his hands dirty and having fun. He is interested in everything…except his studies. He comes from a typical working class family made up of his mother, who makes a living as a head chambermaid at a local hotel in the small town they live. His father works as a dustman and his older sister works at the local post office, a job she has had since she left school. The Boy gets on with all his family, but especially his father, whom he has always looked up to. His father is always telling stories of all the things he has done in his life, something the Boy has loved for as long as he can remember. These tales are where the Boy gets his inquisitive nature.
However after a recent “Take Your Child to Work Day” The Boy has started to think less of his father’s job as he aspires to bigger and greater things.
The Boy is still in school but can’t wait to leave. He gets very restless and bored in the classroom, afraid he is missing out on some mysterious excitement out in “the real world”. His strong imagination tends to get the better of him, often getting him into trouble. He means well, but his painfully dull subjects and classmates cause him to act up, just to inject some excitement into his day to day life. He has a close relationship with the school Headmaster, but certainly not in a good sense. As he is soon to finish school, the excitement of the adventure ahead of him out in the working world has given rise to much more mischief on the Boy’s behalf, meaning he visits the Head on an almost daily basis. The Head himself is more than tired of the Boy, as he can see his potential going to waste. The school want desperately to teach this intelligent youth and ship him off to university. The Boy on the other hand, can think of nothing worse than being trapped in education for another 4 years or more.
The Boy is very curious and can’t wait to start his dream job, the problem being he hasn’t a clue what this job is. All he knows is that he wants to get out there and try anything he can. He doesn’t care for grades or tests and simply wants to earn a good living and experience anything life will throw at him.
Character Logs

The Boy
A young, adventurous boy, full of energy and enthusiasm, desperate to try something new.

This character will play both the Janitor & the Officer.

The Janitor
A not too bright, yet committed man, he takes pride in a job well done. He is the Headmasters eyes and ears around the school. The only thing he likes more than working is catching the pupils misbehaving.

Police Officer
This bumbling police-man is the laughing stock of his station. He tries his best but his size and slow nature have held him back for years.

This Character will play the Headmaster, Man Born with a Beak & the Sergeant

The Headmaster
Stern and controlling, he demands excellence from all. He expects his staff and pupils to do everything to the best of their ability and as such seeks to reprimand those that do not.

Man Born With a Beak
Unlike his fellow performers this man is here for one thing only; money. Bullied since a young boy he has grown to be a grumpy and angry man who prefers his own company. He feels, due to his condition, that he has no other options but to be a sideshow freak.

His years of service have left the Sergeant rather stressed and prone to angry outbursts, usually directed towards the officer.

The Mother character will also play the Bearded Lady & the Market Worker

The Mother
A care free, happy woman, who works as a chambermaid. She knows it isn’t the most glamorous of jobs, but she gets on and makes the most of it.

Bearded Lady
Unlike you may expect, the Bearded Lady loves her facial hair. She enjoys being a spectacle and adores the attention this brings her. Kind and good natured, she accepts her misfortune and has turned it into a successful career.
This character will play the Father, a Market Goer & the Barmen.

The Father
The Boy’s hero, he strives to live up to his son’s expectations and hopes to inspire the best in him. He is hard working and never makes a grumble about his job, which has become quite strenuous in his older years.

The Sister character will also play the Three LEgged Freak & a Market Goer.

The Sister
The Boy’s sister worked hard throughout her school career and left with average grades. Expecting more she has become exceptional bored, stuck in a clerk job at the local Post Office. She day dreams, like her brother, and longs to use her once highly regarded acrobatic skills in her career rather than wasting her days behind a desk.

Three Legged Freak
This youthful gorgeous girl is new to circus life but her confidence is growing with each performance. She looks up to the Bearded Lady, who helped the young, image conscious girl get over her deformity and to appreciate the originality it has blessed her with.
Two Foot Midget
As with most of his other colleagues in the circus, the Midget makes the most of what he’s got. He struggles on, but is not too ashamed to ask for help when he needs it. He is a charming man with an uncanny ability to make everyone he meets perfectly comfortable with his height, an ability that lends him the confidence he exudes on stage.

The Ringmaster and Tax-man will be represented by large stage puppets

The Ringmaster is a very grand and mysterious character. He started out as a performer with a travelling freak show due to his hideous webbed feet. However, when he realised the money the owner of the show was making compared to his fellow freaks he decided to start his own show, turning it into the successful carnival it is now.

The Tax-man is a large intimidating man. He takes great pleasure in the punishment of tax evaders. His black book is his pride and joy and he relishes searching for the names of his quivering victims.

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